Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Once again with the tide, she slips her lines...

...turns her head and comes awake,
Where she lay so still there at Privateer's Wharf
Now she quickly gathers way
She will range far south from the harbour mouth
And rejoice with every wave-
Who will know the Bluenose in the sun?

So, we're deployed. Six months - or maybe more, although I plan to leave the ship and fly home sometime in December - overseas, ranging from Spain (briefly) to the Persian Gulf (not briefly). There's a lot going on - the lazy lethargy that's lingered over the ship for several months has been dispelled in a sudden frenetic burst of activity, as we loaded ammo, departed NWS Earle, and prepared for the arrival of our helicopter Airdet, all at once - and today has been nearly as hectic, with preparations for unrep intermixed with emergency drills. The fun starts early tomorrow and looks like it'll run for almost two days straight as we meet up with the ships making the crossing with us, and some who are returning home in need of fuel.

Busy, busy.

I made a wager with the Chief Mate sometime ago, as to who could lose the most weight in the first two months of the deployment - I'm off to a great start, I think. I've been eating healthier and hitting the gym, and the brutal heat is certainly taking its toll, too. Not to mention things like having to don my full firefighting ensemble or immersion suit under the sun today - not fun, but it certainly can't hurt my chances at winning any.

I feel oddly drained with all that's going on, beaten down and worn out - and yet, I can feel a peculiar energy under my skin, too. I wake up easier in the morning than is usual for me, and I don't feel tired during the day - maybe it's just early optimism before the grind of the deployment begins to wear me down, or maybe it's the change to a healthier diet, but I feel pretty damn good. Maybe this is what leveling up feels like.

I miss home, friends and family, but it feels great to be out to sea again - the wide open sea around us, the salt breeze stinging the eyes and filling the lungs with its fresh, clean taste.

Finally got around to watching Wonderfalls, and it was as good as expected - looking forward to the remaining two DVDs of the series. In the meantime, I've been catching up on Season 4 of Scrubs - the ending of Season 3 left a bad taste in my mouth, and it's taken me this long to get over my intense dislike of the main character to be able to sit down and watch it. It's still funny, I just have to restrain the urge to yell things at J.D. everytime Zach Braff comes on scene.

I feel like I've got more that I want to say, but I'm not entirely sure what... and seeing as how my coffee break has run overlong, I need to be moving along anyway. Maybe more later.

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