Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's always better on holiday... much better on holiday
It's always better on holiday -
That's why we only work when
We need the money!

I hate that feeling, when you want to write something, but you can't think of anything to write. Is there a word for that? It's like wanting to scream, but having no voice... and it just keeps building and building and building, until I feel like my head's going to burst.

So, it's another lazy Sunday here... got up earlier than I would have liked after going to bed later than I should have. The intention was to go see Juno with my boy Mark, but he overslept... rescheduled for early afternoon and went to hang out in Barnes & Noble for a while. Made a lunch date with Cat, came back to the mall, sat around Starbucks reading and drinking chai (I'm so hip, lulz [/irony]), movie time comes around - and still no Mark. Called him up, after getting his voicemail repeatedly I finally learn that he's gotten caught up in the terrible web that is household chores. Eh, screw it.

So, now I'm back at home - stretched out on my couch, absently staring at the Warmachine miniatures I started painting last night and should really finish. I go back to work tomorrow... well, 'work', the pool can hardly be considered actual work... sit in a room for god knows how long until I get a ship assignment. I'm still amazed at how fast this month went by... it feels like yesterday I was stepping off a plane to greet my father and brother. I hate relative Time.

Not a whole lot of interest since my last entry - I've been hanging out with Jason a lot, mainly 'cause my schedule's been empty all the time, and his is pretty much blank the first four days of every week. Hope I'll be able to continue doing so, it'll depend on what happens with work. Haven't seen Cat as much as I'd like, she's been really busy with work and her boyfriend... them's the breaks, I guess. Tijuana Flats is my official burrito place of choice, and I've managed to get several of my friends hooked on it, as well - they also have delicious margaritas. Tentative plans for this evening involve margaritas and possibly bowling, we'll see how that goes - I need to crash fairly early, at least for me, since I'll have to get up incredibly early (for me) to go to work. Gah, I hate the Virginia Beach/Norfolk commute... it's relatively short, and pretty easy, but the rush hour traffic is a major pain in my nuts.

Jason and I attended a local club, "The Wave" last Tuesday for their weekly Goth night - not my usual scene, this was the first time I've been to a club in the States. Other than everyone speaking English, it wasn't noticeably different from a club overseas... well, except for the fact that I drove, so I couldn't drink particularly heavily, which is a disappointment. I don't drink as often when I'm in the States, although you wouldn't know it to have seen me at the last couple of parties I've held - New Year's was pretty quiet, just five of us, but we still managed to get up to some unusual hijinks - but what else is new.

Drunken Hijinks - Dread Pirate Jasremy

Anyway, I'm digressing. Reason I bring up the Wave is because, a while back, I decided I was getting really tired of writing my contact information down on bar napkins and scraps of paper whenever I met someone who seemed pretty interesting. When I bought my Pro Flickr account, it came with an offer for 10 free MoO photo contact cards - pretty nifty little things. I liked them enough where I went ahead and sprang for a hundred, since they were only $20. Mostly, I've just given them to friends - people who already have my contact information, if they so choose to look on any of the websites we both frequent, but generally don't. I don't really think they'll use them, but I figured they might like them. At the Wave, I gave one to a stranger for the first time - and she actually contacted me after. Mission = success! Sure, it was through MySpace - which I dislike - and she's contacting me for friendly reasons solamente, but a success nonetheless.

MoO Cards!

Anyway, Laurel, if you're reading this - Hello! Thanks again for the glow-ring!

But Mark has just appeared at my house, so I suppose I should wrap this up. Maybe we'll go see that movie after all? We'll see!

Bleah. Work tomorrow...

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