Friday, July 11, 2008

Scribbles Gone Mobile

So, here's a new thing for me - an entry completely written on my mobile phone, taking advantage of its web browser. I have absolutely no idea if this will work, but it's just after midnight, I'm exhausted, and I've got nothing else to look forward to the next three plus hours but standing my gangway watch... so here goes nothing.

It's only been a day since my last entry, and I really don't have much to report - I updated my Flickr account with some new photos, mostly of the 'squats' - practice unreps - we did with the USNS Laramie the other day. The Laramie was my first ship, so it's a nice mix of the past and the present... and, oddly enough, even though I got off the ship two years ago, a lot of the same people are still there. Laramie encourages homesteaders, so I guess it's no big surprise.

Stood my watch today... napped afterwards, then went home. Forgot my guitar... I haven't been practicing lately, so I was kinda planning on using this underway period to get back into the swing of things. I'm kicking myself, but I suppose it's just as well... I can use the extra time to work on Twilight Exile.

And... I guess that's about all for me. 'Threshold' is pretty good so far, although the plot hasn't really started rolling yet. Kiernan's writing is very poetic, deep, and descriptive - a good thing, but as dozy as I've been lately, it's taking me longer to get through than normal. Think I'll stick with it, though.


(the) Rebecca said...

You updated all on your own!!

Last Knight said...

I know, it's scary.