Saturday, December 08, 2007

My life has been extraordinary....

Blessed and cursed and won
Time heals but I'm forever broken
By and by the way...

So, I'm home. The flight from Greece was uneventful, and far more comfortable than I'd imagined; the Delta transAtlantic was almost half empty (half full?), and Delta seats, while a little cramped in the shoulders for me, had plenty of leg room - something I almost never have, whether I'm flying, on a train, or even in a bus or car. So, it was a pleasant trip. My mom was out of town when my flight got in late that evening, but my brother and father met me at the airport; we dropped Blue off at his home, picked up my car from my parent's home, and then finally, I got to go home. Cat was waiting at my house, and we spent several hours talking and catching up on all the things that had happened while I was gone.

Wednesday was a lazy day, mostly spent recovering from jet lag, poking at the mess of a house I left behind when I deployed, and catching up with some friends; Thursday, my dad and I ran errands, picked up my mom from the airport, had lunch with my little sister, and then culminated the whole thing by buying one of my birthday presents, a very shiny new motorcycle jacket (pictures possibly forthcoming, but don't hold your breath). Friday the whole family got together to decorate the Christmas tree, indulge in some light bickering (hey, 'tis the season), and celebrate my mother's and my birthday - yes, they're the same day. My mom continues to refer to me as her best birthday present, which after 16 hours of labor and then 26 years of actually living with me really does say something about her generosity of spirit.

Which brings us to today; I slept in for the first time in forever, waking around noon with the nagging feeling that my house is a wreck, and yet I'm having virtually all of my local friends over this evening for a welcome home party. So, I've spent the last several hours desultorily straightening up the living room; the dining room is next, as well as vacuuming all the leaves out of the entrance hall; at least that should go quicker, as it's mainly a case of cleaning the books, mail, and other junk off the dining room table. After that, I should hit an ABC store - while my alcohol inventory is disgustingly broad (I have a liquor closet, since I didn't need the space for linen. Says something.), I am missing a few necessities - Jack Daniels, for instance, and Bailey's. I'll probably get some peppermint schnapps, as well, and another bottle of Panama Jack - the one goes wonderful with hot chocolate, the other with hot apple cider. Mmmm.

So I should probably stop procrastinating, and get on with it...

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