Monday, December 17, 2007

When I awoke today...

...suddenly, nothing happened
But in my dreams I slew the dragon
And down this beaten path
And up this cobbled lane
I'm walking in my own footsteps once again...

The downside of being on leave, relaxing at home, is that there really isn't anything to blog about. The party went well, much booze was drank, much laughter was laughed, much conversation was conversed, and a good time was had by all. The Rifts game I'd been hoping to run for a while went much, much less well - problems with the system, difficulties between people, and a grumpy, grumpy me led to an early end and drinking. I've been staying up all night and sleeping all day - par for the course for me when I'm on leave, I've always been more of a night owl. I've pretty much finished all my Christmas shopping, with my brother being the only sticking point - I've been playing a lot of Red, Dead Revolver - I'm trying to restart Sorrowfell, although that's going to depend on whether or not my players bite.

I haven't left the area since I came home, although I'm starting to feel itchy feet - when the Supply gets back to the World, I'll probably wander up to New Jersey with Blue and pay it a visit, not least 'cause I left things behind that I'd like to get back, but also 'cause it'll be cool to see Wally again. I'd like to make a weekend of it and get into New York, but we'll have to see how things roll. Cat and I are talking about heading out to western Virginia or West Virginia to snowboard/ski/tube sometime in the early New Year; and I'd kinda like to pay Dani a visit out in the wilds of Indiana. It's my turn, after all.

So, that's about it for me. Nothing new, nothing wrong, just relaxing and taking life day by day. It's kinda nice.

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