Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A day late...

...a buck short
I'm writing the report
I'm losing, and failing
When I move, I'm flailing now...

So, since I did indeed make it out to a wifi cafe with a few friends off the Supply, I thought I'd go ahead and put up those pictures I failed to do last night.

Sure, I could edit my previous entry rather than make a new one, but it's easier this way.

Naval Church
The old church, across from MSC's CSU-East, at Naval Station Norfolk.

Boomstick (2008 Edition), Take 2
Me at small arms class.

Godspeed, Little Sister
My little sister leaves for England.

Looking Grave
Me in my suit and topcoat. Don't get used to seeing me like this.

The new digs
My stateroom on the USNS Lewis & Clark.

And since I've negligently failed to mention her before now, here's a few shots of my new computer - a Dell Inspiron 1420 I've named "Elora".
Elora (Outside)Elora (Inside)

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