Friday, March 14, 2008

So, tell me boy-

How much for your body?
An' how much for your soul?
How much to take your bleedin' heart
An' burn it down to coal?

I'll give you everything you want
If you'll just pay in kind
I'll sell you every dream you've had
An' all I'll take's your mind

An' maybe all your freedom
An' maybe all that's good
But let's be fair, it's just my share
An' it's always understood-

That everything I offer you,
Well it's all just glint and lies
We dance with smoke and mirrors
But there's really no disguise

Yes I am the Beast of legend
I'm the ancient Enemy
But what you want is what I've got,
So come on down and see.

All the ancient treasures
All the secrets ne'er tol';
So how much for your body, boy
An' how much for your soul?

So, tell me boy-

...I'm not entirely sure where this came from. The first two verses popped into my head while I was eating dinner a few days ago; the rest of it appeared from the ether while I was typing up said first two verses to show them to my friend K.

I offer neither excuses nor apologies. Poetry has always been an odd thing for me... now it's here, now it's not, and I always have a love/hate relationship with it. Take it as it comes, I guess.

Life continues much as before; on watch, home in Hampton Roads. Our watch sections rotate every three days, so I'm always punch-drunk and reeling. I'm getting by, though, making money and keeping my head above water; and probably best of all, I've been getting quite a bit of writing done while I'm on watch. Finished a short story centered around my longest running roleplaying character; 13,000 words, not quite NaNoWriMo length, but shiny nonetheless. It's the longest thing I've written that's actually ended. I am inordinately proud of myself.

And... I guess that's about it. Script Frenzy has been bumped from June to April this year, and after some discussions on the subject of screenplays/scripts with a friend of mine, I think I'm going to give it another crack. No idea, as of yet, just what I'll do, but... well, take each story as it comes, hey?


carrotpreacher said...

Hi, great blog, I noticed you have Donnie Darko as one of your my blog for 3/14/ may like it :)

carrotpreacher said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Peace be with you :)