Thursday, October 26, 2006

Every day is a winding road...

So, I made it safely to the USNS Supply, currently overseas in the Persian Gulf - my luggage, alas, did not. It's somewhat amusing, really, as I make it a point to travel light - a single backpack with my electronics and books, a single seabag with my clothing, hygiene gear, and anything else that might be required (in this case, a water bottle and travel coffee mug). The backpack is always carry on - so at least I made it to the ship with my laptop, iPod (okay, Dad's iPod - he was kind enough to lend it to me, no doubt fearing for my sanity. Thanks Dad!), PSP (without power cord - that was in the seabag), camera, and PDA.

So, even if they haven't located my bag by the end of the week when we pull back into port, I'm in good shape for NaNoWriMo.

Unfortunately, this means I'm living out of a pair of coveralls for a week... one which, admittedly, is almost over, so it's a little late to complain about it - even here. I managed to get underclothes and personal hygiene supplies between the ship's store and the duty free store (before we left Fujiara), so I'm actually in fairly good shape, period.

But it is aggravating, to say the least.

They of course put me on watches after giving me a day to rest up and get over the worst of my jet lag; 12-4, which is my preferred watch, and I was surprised to find that I knew the watch officer, having sailed with him on the USNS Laramie. He's not the only person I know from there, either - the chief mate, two bosun mates, a steward utility and one of the D/Machs - probably others, too, as it's a large ship and I'm only just beginning to learn my way around and meet everyone. Amusingly enough, the man whose place on watch I took sailed with me on the USNS Apache.

Small world, eh?

The weather's warmer than I like, especially for October, and the ship's not due back until the middle of December - and when she does return, it'll probably be to her homeport in Earle, New Jersey. Which means freezing cold, most likely - if it's not one extreme, it's another. >_<

Former crewmember from the Apache drew my attention to this, an article in the Navy Times about one of the days we had in Liberia - there was another article for that week (busy week) that I've linked to in my Flickr account. Yanno, I was pretty negative and pessimistic when I joined the Apache in Crete - now, I kinda miss it, and wish I could have served out my full time on there. But life gets in the way...

Guess that's about it for now.

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